Since secession from the Czech Republic in 1993, Slovakia has carried out significant economic reforms. Historically connected to Western Europe, Slovenia has a strong economy, and a stable democracy has assisted its development into a modern state. Finding a job is easier if you work with an agency. If the employer is one you discovered on your own, you can tell the agency about it. Slovenian employment services have a variety of job openings on their websites. Slovenia has a reasonably low cost of living. This makes it convenient for international students to study there. Students use deals to obtain extremely reasonable restaurant prices. Cities and restaurants charge different prices. Besides Slovak, Slovak is the official language and the currency is the Euro (EUR). As there are fewer foreign students, your professors and teaching assistants will have more time to dedicate to you because the studies are in English. Students can participate in workshops or exchanges, and also travel a little as a result of the student associations at many faculties with international connections.

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