We at Empire Abroad provide students who wish to study abroad with a platform where they can reach the milestone of studying in Poland.  We help you connect to some of the most prestigious universities in Poland and have a team of dedicated experts who will guide you every step of the way. The country has several universities that can provide international students with top-quality education at an affordable cost. Our dedicated team helps students reach their goal of studying in Poland. Polish universities participate in these fairs and connect with students to attract more international recruitment.

There are many benefits of studying in Poland including the low cost of living compared to other European countries and easy access to numerous academic institutes across Poland. Studying in Poland is a great experience. You will be able to gain valuable knowledge on some of the most interesting and important aspects of Polish culture, history and economy. The quality of education enables graduates to find employment in Poland or abroad with ease. We present you with the facts about Poland, its education systems, and the admission process so that you can make a fully informed decision about your future studies.   

Universities in Poland

It is  the oldest amongst non-public universities in Poland. Established in 1992 under the name of the University of Insurance and Banking, it achieved its current status through dynamic development and contacts with other non-public higher education institutions. In 2019, Aleksander Gieysztor Academy in Pułtusk became one of our branches.

he University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Engineering studies, Postgraduate and PhD studies, MBA and Vistula Executive Education programs, i.e. the practical dimension of education for managers. All fields of study are conducted in Polish and English, both full-time and part-time, part of them – online.

Warsaw University of Humanitieswas founded in 2002 and since then has enjoyed unwavering interest of students, offering candidates a rich and thoughtful course of study in the fields of: Radio and Television Journalism, Photography in New Media. The offer of the university was extended to include the magister (Master’s) degree in Pedagogy (Specialization in Personnel and Business Management in the education sector and related companies).

IT founded in 2002. From the very first years of its existence, the University, due to the wide range of professionally offered social studies, has enjoyed great interest from students. Applicants can choose among such majors as Radio and Television Journalism, Photography in New Media, Advertising and Public Relations Strategy, as well as Radio and Television Production. In 2016, another course was launched: Pedagogy. English is the language of instruction for some of the courses on offer. Additionally, in order to broaden their knowledge and supplement their competences, the WWSH University enables its students to attend a range of subject courses and post-graduate studies.

The New Media Art Department of PJAIT was established in 2005 in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw . It is a unique faculty on a national scale that combines art classes with teaching the use of modern information technologies. In 2010, the Faculty of New Media Art PJATK, as the third university in Poland - next to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Krakow - became a member of CUMULUS - an international association associating the best art academies from around the world. In 2017, the Central Commission for Scientific Degrees and Titles granted the SNM PJATK Department the right to confer doctoral degrees in the field of fine arts.

It is dynamic development of UE&M, the highest level of teaching provided and the interdisciplinary character of knowledge that the students receive is valued by many employers and experts, which resulted that the University in 2014 received state certificate confirming the high quality of education.


The University offers studies in various fields of study: Architecture, Landsacpe Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Civil Engineering, Environmental Protection, Education in Technical and Computer Sciences, Public Health, Management, Management and Production Engineering, Mechanics and Machine Construction, Spatial Planning and Development.

It is  comprises 8 faculties with 30 majors of study accredited Also the majors taught by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture are accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education. Moreover the major in Architecture is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the major in Landscape Architecture earned the accreditation of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Europe.

WSM is located in Praga North district, which is a part of Warsaw that survived the devastation of war, with three different religions (Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Judaism) peacefully co-existing. A major part of the buildings in this area have preserved its historical origins which makes it one of the most unique areas in the capital. In the district there are many streets which remained undamaged in WW II. Pre-war lamp-posts, sidewalks and blocks are notable features of the area.

Praga is the most “Warsaw part of Warsaw” with lovely cafes, restaurant, art galleries, small clubs, parks, and a beautiful beach. It has got a real unique feel.

We are building our community based on acquiring knowledge from distinguished masters in their fields. This is why our faculty members comprise over 250 outstanding experts in economy, politics, and law. We boast having both acknowledged names in the world of science and hands-on specialists from the field of business on our team.

It is an academic and educational institution that skilfully combines innovative educational standards with the traditional goals of education, driven by the "universitas magistrorum et scholarium" principle. According to this assumption, a university is a community of teachers and students. 

The University of Adam Mickiewicz offers quality degree programmes in a wide range of subjects. It is one of the largest non-public institutions of higher education in Poland.

The University’s commitment to innovation seeks to improve social and economic conditions through education and research, while working to maintain its high academic standards.

It is a public university following the European model, offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs. The university is focused on undergraduate and graduate studies in engineering and applied sciences. It also has many programs in humanities and social sciences, including economics and management. Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and highest ranked technical university in Poland. It is a member of EuroTech Universities Alliance along with 9 other leading technical universities in Europe, thus allowing its students to benefit from an exchange program between them.

It is the only university in Poland where the members of the Rector’s Advisory Board are at the same time general managers of the world’s biggest IT companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Intel, IBM and Oracle.

The main educational goal of WSCS is to equip its students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to become a professional within the selected computer science specialization.  The School also offers free and paid courses and workshops to its students which will additionally enhance their abilities and enrich their experience as IT specialists

The Campus in Rzeszów, as well as having lecture rooms and administrative offices, has many specialised IT and Language Laboratories, a professional TV and Radio Recording Studio,  Read & Relax Room, the IQ Academic Club with exhibition space and stage.


SUT is also a key player in new technologies and innovations. It is here where new ideas and solutions are being brought into life and once applied in industry they boost competitiveness of Polish and international firms.

We are home to a vibrant community of almost 1,800 of the best and brightest minds. We attract academics whose passion and brilliance drives them to become leaders in their field. The excellent teaching staff is one of the strongest assets of the university. The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year with 3,000 students and 200 teachers, was held 70 years ago. Today, there are over 20,000 students, 1637 academics and almost 85 fields of studies encompassing the whole range of engineering disciplines.



It is a private university, located in Lublin in eastern Poland. It is approved by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees recognized across the European Union, and by extension these are recognized globally.


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was the first in the university's structure. As early as the academic year 1953/1954, over 100 students began education at the university. In time, it became evident that a further development of the university was necessary. In accordance with the intention of the founders, who meant the institution to become a fully-fledged technical university, qualified engineering personnel in the Lublin region received education in the organization.

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