Latvia has been called “Europe’s best-kept mystery”.Situated at the  intersection of Northern and Eastern Europe. Latvia ranks high on the Global peace index as a country with low crime rates,a stable political scene and almost zero natural disasters.

The capital of Latvia  is Riga,the largest city of the Baltic States,and an important financial, Cultural,industrialbusiness and political center.The official language of Latvia is Latvian and much of the population also speaks English.Riga is the major tourism center of the Baltic States.Its historic  architecture has undergone extensive restoration.The white sand beaches offer sailing and river rafting along with many spas.Tennis, horseback riding,fishing,hunting,sailing,water sports,and winter sports are available to visitors,as well as a ski marathon in February, the Sports Festival of Riga in May,and the international Riga Marathon in july.

Universities of Lativa

The largest science-based university in Baltic States established in 1862.The university in the heart of Riga,the capital city of Latvia.RTU is a modern internationally recognized university.It is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university  in the country.RTU  is focused on becoming a third generation university and Study programs implemented by RTU have been positively evaluated by international experts and are officially accredited .RTU has been evaluated on different ranking and with different assessments methods Un has been ranked as the best university in Latvia.And the university  retains its leader positions in Latvia in the prestigious Qs World university ranking.Latvia has long been recognized as a country of high education standards.RTU bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees are recognized  across the globe .RTU has been awarded  European University  Quality  Marks and  EU Diploma Supplement Label.

LLU is a higher education and Scienceestablishment of the  Republic of Latvia .where scientific research as well as academic and professional study programmes are carried out. LLU Ofering a wide range of study programs for international student,the University has provided educational opportunities for more than 150 years.

The University is multi-profiled.Besides the traditional study field ,LLU also provides multiform unique study programmes related to advanced agriculture,veterinary medicine,food production,forestry and landscape architecture.

The largest private university in the Baltics.Here , Knowledge  goes hand in hand with practical skills - a combination highly  appreciated by employers.The university inspires young people to be enterprising and implement their ideas,as well as encourages them to work not only in Latvia but also internationally.The University implements more than 20 study programs, practical studies form 60% of the study time,while theory constitute 40% of the time spents on studies. So you can be sure that you will receive business-oriented education appropriates to the study field you have selected.

we implement nationally and internationally accredited education programs and conduct scientifically practical research in order to develop business competences of the community and promote regional development. The university has been granted indefinite accreditation.

The University of Latvia has consistently been the national.leading and most influential higher education institution in Latvia. LU is a modern center of academic and professional studies,which together with research in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, technical  sciences and  medicine provides various type and levels of higher education opportunities  for the residents of Latvia and other countries.LU plays a crucial role in the development  of society's academic traditions, national economy, education,environment and health protection, Latvian language and culture. The opinion of the university of Latvia is important for decision-making in public administration. LU is developing as a modern academic institution that provides an environment and infrastructure for outstanding achievements in research , studies and creativity.

The University was founded on July 23,1990.The EKAoffers modern study environment - real and virtual lecture rooms. modern library where you can find large  variety of books and periodicals,audio materials, video materials, electronic data basis, and informative internet resources  in Russisan,English,German and other languages.

The EKA has concluded ERASMUS cooperation agreements with higher educational institution in France,Italy, Lithuania,Poland,Macedonia,the Netherlanda,Slovenia,Spain,Turkey,Germany, and Hungary. Every year the list  of the EKA  University of Applied Sciences partners is expanded with new partners.Every year students and lectures participate in exchange programmes.

TSI is a modern university with almost 100 years oh history.TSI is the successor to the legendary RKIIGA (Riga Red-Banner Civil Aviation Insitute) and  RAU (Riga Aviation Institute).Nowadays TSI is the only private technical college in Lativa,where you can get higher education in Russian,Latvia and English language. The institute received permanent accreditation in Latvia and English languages.The institute received permanent accreditation in Latvia as a higher education institution and provides academic programmes in the following: transport and logistics, computer science , electronic and telecommunication, economics and management,and aviation transport.TSI provides education at first and second level,bachelors and master's degrees and doctoral degrees.

The institution received  permanent accreditation in Latvia as a higher education and provides academic  programmes  in the following:  transport  and logistics,computer science,electronics and telecommunication,economics management, and aviation transport. TSI Provides education at first and second level,bachelors and master's degrees and doctoral degrees.

It is a Private university with more than 27 year of experience, which offers competitive education and prepares high-level specialists and mangers in business and creative industries for work in an international environment. The university was founded in 1992.The main building of the university is located in Riga and has a branch in Daugavpils, where  main focus is lifelong learning courses.

RISEBA has been accredited by  the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Latvia and has also obtained International Quality Accreditation (CEEMAN) of the International Association for the development of management. RISEBA is the only one of the Battic universities that has acquired two European Management Development Fund (EFMD) accreditation EPAS.

The best university with the highest reputation in Latvia.gaining the highest rating among the 10 largest universities in Latvia according  to a study of the reputation of Latvian universities conducted by market research company kantar TNS.RSU is the only university in Latvia that  has traditionally been closely integrated within the health care system, providing preconditions for the successful operation of Latvian medical institutions.

RSU is a state-funded university which offers various study programmes and ensures the realisation of scientific project, providing training  of experts in health  care and social sciences who work in Latvia  and across the world.University has close affiliation with leading hospitals in Riga and regions  of Latvia.RSU offer Internship  at partner hospitals in Germany and have more than 150 Erasmus+ partner universities.

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